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My purpose is to help people realize that all peace comes from within. We tend to search for it in the external circumstances and it always seems to be fleeting. I have learned that everything must be cultivated within, before it can be experienced in the material plane. Peace and joyful contentment are available to us all if we take the time to search for it within ourselves. We tend to look for answers and meaning in the outside world, while each one of us has access to infinite wisdom within ourselves. I hope to inspire more people to live true to their intuition.

To me, painting is an active meditation. For each painting I set the intention for it to bring healing, peaceful energy to the space it inhabits. I allow the organic flow to take its form and it tends to have a very mesmerizing effect. My paintings can be used to practice object focused meditation. It provides a calming, non objective focus point that can help relieve distractions.

My work also serves as a visual reminder that each tiny little particle is crucial to the bigger picture. We often feel too small to enact any significant change, but in reality, we are connected to everything and all of our choices leave a ripple effect. We all have our special place in this world, just like every brush stroke is needed to create a whole painting.


Domè Betz was born in Lithuania in 1988 on a stormy winter morning. It wasn't long until she picked up some pencils and began her creative journey. Her mother was an artist who encouraged creative self expression in every form. Eventually, she inspired Domè to attend National M.K. Ciurlionis School of Art.


In 2003, Domè immigrated to the suburbs of Chicago. Shortly after that, she lost her mother to ovarian cancer. Going through so much loss and change at such a vulnerable age was extremely traumatic. This set off a decade of depression, addictions and self destructive behaviors. This time of pain and darkness seemed like a punishment but in hindsight it was necessary for growth and spiritual evolution.


Her life began to change once she made a deliberate decision to do things based on what feels right rather than what she thought was right. This started a series of miraculous events. Soon she met the love of her life and moved to the mountains of Colorado. A few years later they found themselves living in complete solitude, enveloped by the most heavenly sights of the Rockies.


Domè has always had a special relationship with nature and animals. Living in the midst of the wilderness allowed her to really get in touch with her intuition and feel the connection to all living things. This time of reflection offered many revelations. 


Since seeing her connection to the infinite, sacred intelligence, all those emotions of self pity have evaporated. Instead, they now provide contrast necessary to appreciate all the tiny blissful moments that fill each and every day.


Now, Domè spends her days communing with nature and creating meditative paintings in her home studio in Crestone, Co.




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