Spirit Portraits: Let’s celebrate your Higher Self!

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A little while back, I shared on social media about the strange sensations and realizations I sometimes have in the early waking moments. Usually, they come to me in abstract patterns and concepts. But recently, I had a vision that was very reassuring on my artistic path and it birthed my new offering- Spirit Portraits! 


Here’s what I wrote in my journal that morning:

"For the past month or so I had this idea to do "Spirit Portraits". I knew i really wanted to do this but I've been trying to figure out the language, the process and how to present this. I want to create intuitive paintings inspired by people's inner-glow. Well, this morning when i was half lucid, i was told to paint this woman a portrait of her inner beauty so she can see her divinity. It was so bizzare, i was basically painting it in the air in front of her, using her as a guideline. And it felt like i finally knew what I came here to do, it was as if i was the only one who could show this woman how infinitely spectacular she truly is." 


Doing an artists work has never felt more important to me. :) And I want to create beautiful art inspired by Your Spirit so You never forget how innately Divine You are. 


Any time I get to know someone, I sense a unique energy and in my mind’s eye it blossoms into an explosion of color. I capture this vision onto canvas by going into a meditative state and allowing my hand to be guided by Spirit. The result is a mezmerizing work of art that is intimate to each person.

If you would like to get more information on “Spirit Portraits” click here.


Thank You for reading, 

Have a blessed day!

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