About Domè


Self Portrait 2018.

I'm a self-taught, fine art painter born in Lithuania in 1988. At the age of 10 I became an atheist after being introduced to religion. I thought that if "God" had any rules or expectations for me that it wouldn't come from a book. I chose to be "evil" and had no remorse for hurting myself and others. Fifteen years of tragedies later, I found myself living in isolation in the sacred San Luis Valley in Colorado.
I was sitting outside one day, watching the trees swaying in the wind and this is where it came to me that all of this is alive and this life is intelligent beyond my comprehension. I realized that I innately belong to this Divine intelligence and I don't have to struggle to create anything special just as the trees don't have to struggle to thrive. I began to trust my intuition over the fears in my mind. I realized that we are all connected in a Unified Field of energy and all of our thoughts, words and actions ripple out and directly affect our surroundings.
This is when I finally relaxed and I started to really enjoy my work. The "Energy in Rhythm" patterns started to pour out of me and they remind me of the swaying trees that showed me my divinity. They symbolize the unified field and my intention for these paintings is to help others see their connection to Source.
Since then, I have been channeling more complex archetypes that reveal many lessons of their own but i continue to incorporate the energy patterns to signify the interconnection of all things.
Blessed Be!

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