"Divine Empowerment" Sticker

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"Divine Empowerment" Sticker
"Divine Empowerment" Sticker

4x5" vinyl sticker.

This painting was inspired by an ancient, sacred ritual of offering menstruation blood to mother Earth. It is believed that when this ritual was lost is when humanity started fighting wars and shedding blood another way.

To me this painting is about remembering and activating cellular memory. If it were a Tarot card this would be “Temperance” because she has the perfect grasp of balancing two opposing elements. 

I knew exactly what i had to paint, but the symbolism came to me after and it still continues to blow my mind as I learn more and more mythology about the details I didn’t even consider. 

This painting is about the feeling of knowing, reassurance, belonging. The blood moon is symbolic of women’s connection to the moon through the menstrual cycle. 


The luna moth has a tail that resembles a yoni. Moths are guided by the moon, following the only glimpse of light in the time of darkness.

The tree branches create the shape of a uterus. She’s bearing the fruit of light because it takes a grounded woman rooted in her shadow to birth these fruits of light (whether they are literal children or projects).

The owl is associated with the need to retreat from the world. The owl teaches us to look inside ourselves for the answers that we seek. Keeper of secrets, omen of the night and moon magic. 

The kundalini serpent is a symbol for energy that resides at the base of human spine. 

A cat is an embodiment of feminine energy. symbolic of rebirth and resurrection, per their nine lives. Because they are nocturnal they are also associated with mystery and magic.

I drew the lilies because they were growing all around me but I feel it is a tribute to Goddess Lilith. She is a banner for female power, authenticity, and the act of reclaiming parts of our Selves that are vital for survival.

You can learn more about the powerful mythology of menstrual blood here:

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