"Poseidon" Original oil painting on panel

"Poseidon" Original oil painting on panel


"Poseidon" Original Oil painting on panel by Domè.

Poseidon was one of the Twelve Olympians in ancient Greek religion and myth. He was god of the Sea and other waters; of earthquakes; and of horses. Poseidon was protector of seafarers, and of many Hellenic cities and colonies.


This painting comes framed and matted.

canvas size: 10x8 in

famed: 16x13 in

Completed in 2016

Part of the "Energy in Rhythm" series.

This series was inspired by the organic flow of life; The sacred energy that can be observed in nature. It fills all of existence and it's what we all have in common. Creating a self care practice to get attuned to this natural rhythm will lead to a more peaceful world.


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