"Louminous Zest" Original Oil Painting by Domè Betz

"Louminous Zest" Original Oil Painting by Domè Betz


"Louminous Zest" Original Oil Painting on canvas by Domè Betz.

Part of the "Energy in Rhythm" series.



1.5" gallery wrapped canvas.

Borders are painted gold.

This painting was inspired by the warm feeling of sun rays on a breezy day.  This series celebrates the energy that flows behind all of life, the beautiful patterns of rhythm that can be seen all throughout nature.

This painting is perfect for practicing object focused meditation. This practice is great for people who feel they can't concentrate. In this case, you would follow the mesmerizing patterns of my paintings without trying to label anything or achieve anything. Just getting lost in the flow for a few minutes will put you in a relaxed meditative state. The energy in this piece is soothing and energizing. 

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